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Wassercare has earned the reputation of a supplier of quality and reliable cooling towers and its component for Thailand market. Wassercare was established in 2001 by a professional Cooling Tower team whose professional career span over 10 years with world's leading Cooling Tower designers and suppliers. Their collective expertise covers in-depth knowledge of design & manufacture of wet cservice.

In all of Wassercare's cooling tower installation, the most up-to-date design programs, backed by the latest engineering technologies, are utilized to ensure to our clients the most efficient and cost effective solution to any heat rejection problem. Our reference project stand as proof for proven design approach, in-depth understanding of client's needs and world class engineer & construction. Wassercare has reference cooling tower projects, for installations ranging from power generation plants to petrochemical plants.

Where requested, our company can also supply services for completed cooling tower installations, including operator trooling towers.

Wassercare undertakes the design and manufacture of cooling tower, industrial plants, process plants, power and petrochemical industries. From our modern design and manufacturing facility located in northern part of Bangkok-Thailand, our team undertakes the basic design, detail engineering, project management, erection and commissioning. The well staffed and well equipped design office in Bangkok also supports the marketing, component sourcing and after-sales customer

aining, writing the O&M manuals, periodical inspection services and supply of spare parts and trouble shooting.

Wassercare can offer on-site service complete with a guarantee on work performance of the plant. In this way the customer can avoids cut backs in production because of cooling tower performance degradation and does not pay any additional costs for eventual necessary reconstructions or replacements in the meantime.

Wassercare is also able to supply to the clients a specialist services for revamping, rebuilding or upgrading of the existing facilities, including those cooling towers designed and manufactured by others.

Wassercare can also supply a verity type of cooling tower, but are not limited to, the following:
•  Counterflow induced draft
•  Counterflow forced draft
•  Crossflow induced draft

With its activity Wassercare has amassed a vast wealth of experience and know-how in the design and calculation of cooling towers. Computer programs are extensively utilized for the thermal, mechanical, hydraulic and noise that would ensure the customer satisfaction. Designs are optimized by computer analysis taking into account also local labor, utilities costs and cooling fill utilized in the tower. All programs are constantly monitored and updated on the basis of current state-of-art technology.

Wassercare willing to get involve from its early beginnings, in the solution of peculiar questions. We maintain a policy of product improvement continuing through all of our parts supplier.





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