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We bring you a superior plastic product for Agriculture, Aquaculture, Poultry and Swine Industry. Most of our plastic product are
produced in Polypropylene (PP) material. All material are originally produced in Germany by 2H-Kunststoff GmbH and shipped to
Thailand for local fabrication under a strickly supervision according to Germany standard. 2H-Kunststoff is a well-known Germany
company who supply plastic media both Structure and Random type for European market more than a decade. Our customer are
located in vareity sector, start from Power Plant, Petrochemical Plant up to Agriculture Sector.

Our product are wildly used in vaste application such as Wastewater treatment plant, Sedimentation plant, Bioscurbber, Ammonia
removal unit, Hydrogen Sulfide Removal tank, Ammonia Removal unit, Dust Removal pannel, Evaporative pad cooler, Mass
Transfer media, Mechanical and Biological filtration unit for fish farm and etc. Most of European commercial fish farm also be our
customer. For Aquaculture application, we not only keep an eye on fish itself, but also expand our experience for other type of
marine craeture such as Abalone and Prawn. We are not only sale plastic material, but also serve you an engineering. Wassercare
also support Royal Project for Trout farm in the Northern part of Thailand. Some of our product had been tested and evaluated by
BIOTEC.Under a close cooperation with Nation Instistute of Coastal Aquaculture, we are now supporting lots information including
engineering to promote Recirculating Aquaculture System in Thailand.

Established since April 2008.
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